Language and Grammar

Language and Grammar

A set of language and grammar rules for consistent messaging.


Chocolatey Software uses the AP Style of writing:

  • Capitalize the principal words.
  • Capitalize prepositions and conjunctions of four letters or more.
  • Lowercase the articles the, a, and an.
  • Capitalize the first and last words (overrides the rules above).
  • Capitalize the to in infinitives (e.g., I Want To Play Guitar).


When writing we must remember to write for others and not just for ourselves. It's important to understand that jargon or acronyms can cause confusion, misunderstanding and a barrier for others who are not familiar with the terms. Avoid using jargon where you can, and only use acronyms once they have been clearly defined.

  • CCM
  • Chocolatey Central Management

Bullet Points

A list of sentences should end with a period. For example:

  • This is a sentence describing something.
  • A second sentence describing something else.

A list of items should not end with a period. For example:

  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit

Titles and Headings

Page or post titles, and headings should be in Title Case.

  • This is not title case
  • This is Title Case

Refer To Products By Their Proper Title

Example #1

  • Chocolatey
  • Chocolatey CLI

Example #2

  • Central Management
  • Chocolatey Central Management